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Testbed & Reference Implementation

Access to the MCC public demonstrator (free)

KRISO and GLA operate on behalf of MCC a public demonstrator (test-bed) of MCP. The public demonstrator currently consists of

An MCP identity service – operated by KRISO

  • An MCP service registry service – operated by KRISO
  • An MCP service registry service _ operated by GLA
  • An MSR ledger – operated by KRISO
  • An MCP management portal for the KRISO identity and service registries – operated by KRISO

Anyone is free to use the MCP test bed operated by members of the MCC. We encourage you to try the testbed if you are new to MCP and are considering using it. Throughout the use of testbed you will get used to the MCP entities and corresponding MRN scheme and how to provide and consume services through MCP components.

  • The KRISO identity and service registry services can be accessed through the KRISO management portal here
  • And the GLA service registry service can be accessed here

Note – the GLA service registry service uses identities from the KRISO identity registry service – and therefore it is necessary to be registered in the KRISO identity service in order to access the GLA service registry service. So – in order to get started using the MCP public demonstrator – go the to KRISO management portal and get registered in there.

Please note that the testbed is NOT for operational use. It is NOT allowed to register any operational services. Additionally, services and identities registered are not guaranteed to persist in the testbed.

Sourcecode on GitHub

The MCC (or rather the members hereof) are developing and maintaining an open source reference implementation of the MCP at the MCC GitHub repository. Anyone are free to use this anyway they want – on their own liability!

The current status of the different source code components (GitHub repositories) are

The identity registry is an MCC official reference implementation of the most recent specifications of the MCP identity registry as found on the documents page. However, the reference implementation does include a few additional features. The source code of the identity registry comprises the GitHub repositories: IdentityRegistry and MCP-PKI.

The service registry is currently an “official” MCC prototype, since there are not yet any official documentations describing the MCP MSR. The GitHuB MSR prototype is: ServiceRegistry.

There is not yet any MCC source code for the Maritime Messaging Service.

The  MCC GitHub also contains a management portal, although this is not an official MCP component. The management portal is in the repository: ManagementPortal.

Documentation of the different components can be found in both the GitHub repositories of the different components and here.