Testbed & Reference Implementation

Technical Documentation

If you wish to dive into the technical information this is where you should start.

  • For developers there is online documentation describing the technical details of the MCP. Again, information relating to MIR is more up-to-date than the other components.
  • If you have a service you wish to make available in MCP, you must document it according to the MCP Service Specification. Please refer to the guide for how to fill out the templates for service specificationservice design and service instance. As is evident in the document, the guideline is identical to the IALA guideline 1128. The MCP will at all times follow this guideline, and the MCC will seek to influence updates of this IALA guideline if deemed appropriate.
  • For updates, release information, discussions and questions concerning MCP, please use our Discourse forum.

Sourcecode on GitHub

The MCC (or rather the members hereof) are developing and maintaining an open source reference implementation of the MCP at the MCC GitHub repository. Anyone are free to use this anyway they want – on their own liability! You are also welcome to contribute to any of MCP components by first leaving your message in our Discourse forum.

Access to the MCC Testbed (free)

Anyone are free to use the MCP testbed operated by members of the MCC (currently KRISO and Frequentis). We encourage you to try the testbed if you are new to MCP and taking account of using it. Throughout the use of testbed you will get used to the MCP entities and corresponding MRN scheme and how to provide and consume services through MCP components.  

The testbed can be accessed hereYou are encouraged to read the terms of use and the disclaimer from the front page. For the first tiral you will be asked to join the testbed as the organisation you are belonging to. 

Please note that the testbed is NOT for operational use. It is NOT allowed to register any operational services. Additionally, services and identities registered are not guaranteed to persist in the testbed.