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Maritime Connectivity Platform

A decentralised platform facilitating secure and reliable information exchange
within the maritime domain and beyond


MCP taking part in the CIRM Annual Conference in Malta

The 2022 CIRM Annual Conference will take place in Malta from Monday 17 October to Thursday 20 October. This year, MCP is assigned to the first half of the morning session on the second day of the program, Tuesday 18 October.

The main topic of the session is the future of maritime data exchange. Thomas Christensen, the Secretary General of MCC, will be presenting MCP current status, MCP for AtoN authentication, and SMART Navigation.

For more information, you can visit the CIRM website.

MCP Identity Management and Security Seminar

MCP Identity Management and Security Seminar originally planned to be held in March 2022 will be held on 24 September 2022 at IALA headquarter.

The seminar will give both an overall introduction to MCP, with a focus on identity management and security, as well as in-depth practical guidance on how to utilize the MCP in this context. The seminar will be aimed at organizations that either wish to deploy services that utilize the MCP or wishes to operate an MCP themselves.

Registration must be done prior to participation. Registration is on the IALA website.

Participation is free – and is also open for non-IALA members!

For more information, please see the seminar flyer or contact MCC Secretariat. 


Maritime Connectivity Platform
The MCP is a decentralised platform that facilitates secure and reliable information exchange within the maritime domain and beyond. Beyond – because the maritime world isn’t isolated, but need to exchange information with other domain – for instance with other transport domains.

The information exchanged can be almost of any nature, ranging from private confidential information between a vessel and the shore office of the shipowner, to public information provided by authorities, such as the provision of navigational warnings.

As a decentralised platform, there is no single entity operating this. Several organisations are MCP service providers, and collectively they form “the Maritime Connectivity Platform”.
The MCC serves two overall purposes:
 –  Defining the MCP and criteria for being an MCP service provider

 –  Endorsing organisations to be MCP service providers